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Hotel Bakony
Hotel Bakony

In that case if the arrival happens by train or by bus, the destination is Veszprém or Balatonfüred. We pick you up at the bus/train station according to discussion. Our hotel can be approached by car from Veszprém towards Tapolca.


Sporting facilities

Tennis, riding, swimming in Lake Balaton, fishing, sailing, hunting, hiking, bicycle tours


Most of the people looking for this: Family Hotel at the foot of the Bakony Mountains. We are waiting for you in our Hotel, in the Hotel Bakony Tótvázsony.

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The Hotel Bakony waits for you and your family at the Southern feet of the Bakony Mountains, in a calm environment, with 6 apartments and 12 rooms.

The Hotel is combined with the antique traditional and the modern building style. Big, bright rooms and elegant furniture make the hotel staying more comfortable.

All the apartments and rooms have a bathroom, and have balcony/terrace. The rooms/apartments are equipped with TV and fridge.

Free parking facility in the yard.

  • Tótvázsony

    Tótvázsony lies in one of the Balaton uplands pictural beauty Basins, the Eastern part of The Vázsony –Basin, it lies south of the Veszprém-Tapolca street ,Tótvázsony lies 14 km far from Veszprém, and 10 km far from Balatonfüred. 


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